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Trade secrets: What fashion and luxury goods companies need to know
February 16, 2021 By

Critical to maintaining the protection of the trade secrets is that the business has taken “reasonable measures” to keep such information secret.

Brand elevation: Why and how prestige brands have to be built differently in the Digital Age
February 14, 2021 By

If you start out by looking outside for consumer needs and market gaps, you will never be anything but opportunistic. You will be running after opportunities rather than leading with a sense of mission. You will be defined by what is rather than inspiring what could be.

The boss belongs on the shop floor: Lessons for luxury from Elon Musk
January 24, 2021 By

Elon Musk recently had some blunt advice for leaders in ivory towers: “Is your product as awesome as it could be? Probably not.”

Turn to Walmart, Walgreens and Target to distribute COVID-19 vaccines to US consumers
January 10, 2021 By

If the vaccination pace continues at its current rate, it could take upwards of 10 years for U.S. consumers to get vaccinated.

As luxury adapts to pandemic, mind the legal challenges ahead
January 3, 2021 By

As the business environment evolves, legal issues that were once obscure or unheard-of now become important. Part of such an effective survival strategy is understanding what the legal trends will be and the best legal strategies to deal with them.

Evaluating the viability of AI in the workplace
December 15, 2020 By

Recent research estimates that one in five employees will have an artificial intelligence (AI) system as their coworker by 2022.

5 trends that will affect sales craft in 2021
December 14, 2020 By

Most CEOs would nod that the digital revolution is underway, but plenty have not fully understood what this means for their sales efforts. Here are five guidelines to ensure that your business is the “disruptor,” not the “disrupted.”

Managing an ecommerce pivot during an economic crisis
November 30, 2020 By

How exactly can a company new to ecommerce optimize digital channels to provide a frictionless customer experience – from first touch, to transaction, to support?

Connections redefined: What authenticity really means
November 24, 2020 By

We are seeing a slew of brands beginning to redefine what they stand for in the face of systemic changes, new pushes for equality, and the desire to help others. Many are even taking political stances.

7 trends to watch in luxury influencer marketing in 2021
November 23, 2020 By

Luxury brands continue to face the challenge of digital transformation. While other industries have accelerated the rate of change, luxury has mainly been experimenting.

How print can help luxury brands connect with digital consumers
November 19, 2020 By

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, in-store shopping has seen a sharp decline. And, beyond the pandemic, luxury consumers are changing.

Why HENRYs still should be a key target for luxury brands
November 17, 2020 By

In the midst of a pandemic that has affected the incomes of millions of consumers, targeting young affluents may seem ill advised, but it is critical to set the marketing table for when this crisis is finally over.

5 steps to designing and implementing a client win-back program
November 16, 2020 By

The sad truth is that you are going to lose customers. A Zendesk study found that 66 percent of business-to-business customers left after one bad experience.

How marketers can gain from AI chatbots
November 12, 2020 By

Businesses that have not yet invested in basic automation systems such as consumer-facing chatbots must now grapple with the question of whether to invest time and capital into the development of such systems.

10 insensitive words you need to stop using right now
November 6, 2020 By

The way we use language changes as the culture at large changes, and the trend is towards respectful, people-first language.

How the design industry is adopting the luxury business model
November 5, 2020 By

The continued expansion of wealth over the last 15 years should have been positive for all who serve the affluent. But that is not what happened.

What to expect on Singles’ Day 2020
November 3, 2020 By

We are approaching the 11th anniversary of Double 11 (aka Singles’ Day), the largest shopping festival in the world. This will be the longest and most complex Double 11 ever.

Essential email marketing tips for luxury brands
November 2, 2020 By

Email marketing – a longstanding digital marketing practice that offers a direct touch point to consumers – has increased in importance this year.

Connecting with customers where they are during challenging times
October 14, 2020 By

When the lockdowns began in March, the changes — or lack thereof — in the way brands continued to market to consumers seemingly emerged almost overnight.

Dutch court allows Nike to ban sales on Amazon
October 12, 2020 By

A recent decision by the Amsterdam Court of Appeal holds that Nike’s European affiliate could contractually bar an Italian distributor, Action Sport, from selling genuine Nike goods on Amazon.

How email helps emerging luxury labels to outperform legacy brands
October 8, 2020 By

The new “luxury” may be advanced personalized emails this holiday season. For emerging luxury brands, the pressure to compete with heritage brands in the coming weeks may be heavier than ever.