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Young Chinese consumers optimistic about future
May 30, 2023 By

Despite some lingering pessimism, the overall inclination reflects promising growth in optimism and belief in China’s trajectory.

Strategy behind Amazon’s $10 offer to pick up orders in-store
May 30, 2023 By

Amazon is seeking to increase foot traffic in its stores and gather customer behavior data for strategic planning and network design.

Asia’s embrace of luxury products, experiences
May 26, 2023 By

Millennial and Gen Z consumers, who form a significant portion of Asia’s luxury market, have redefined the very meaning of luxury.

Luxury set to buck the frugal trend
May 26, 2023 By

Bain & Company projects that the luxury goods market will continue to experience positive growth, rising by 60 percent in value by the end of the decade.

The niche world of ultra-luxury brands
May 25, 2023 By

The luxury world is dominated by mega brands and luxury groups such as LVMH, Chanel or high-end car marques who have the marketing might and mass-market appeal to launch multiple products across many price points to the widest audience. But there is a whole universe of brands that only service a handful of customers.

AI-powered chatbots will boost fashion CX
May 25, 2023 By

AI-powered chatbots can help provide better product discovery and recommendations, improved customer satisfaction, decreased return rates and better conversion and retention.

Adding luxury luster to jewelry ecommerce
May 24, 2023 By

Tech-savvy consumers currently expect the same kind of first-class experience when shopping online for high-end jewelry that was once only available by going to a bricks-and-mortar location.

Switching from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4
May 22, 2023 By

Brands have been slow to adopt a GA4 strategy despite the risk of losing their year-over-year data once the switch becomes permanent.

7 luxury myths killing brand performance
May 12, 2023 By

Even the goods or services brands that deliver cheap commodities, suboptimal products and poor service can tell a story that may bring a customer to tears.

Are luxury ‘superfakes’ really a threat?
May 12, 2023 By

These near-perfect replicas are virtually indistinguishable from the genuine article, sometimes even leaving consumers in the resale market unsure of what they are truly buying.

Lessons from Ulta Beauty: My experience merging creative with strategy
May 11, 2023 By

Not a lot of creatives learn about marketing, and not a lot of marketers learn about design.

Acknowledge Indian craftsmanship in fashion
April 25, 2023 By

For more than three decades, several global luxury brands have secretly subcontracted their embroidery work to Indian karigars, or craftsmen.

Online marketplaces prep for new transparency law
April 4, 2023 By

The INFORM Act will make it easier for consumers to identify exactly who they are buying from while making it harder for deceitful sellers to avoid identification.

5 rental market trends to watch
April 3, 2023 By

The rental market slowdown is now here. What is next for owners and operators?

Marketers and the banking business
April 3, 2023 By

A bank account does not function like a safe deposit box where your money is kept segregated and available to you when you claim it.

5 reasons why the US will dodge a housing market crash soon
March 24, 2023 By

The housing market in the United States is stabilizing in 2023, not crashing.

An influencer strategy for Chinese revenge buying
March 23, 2023 By

Influencers play a leading role in guiding purchasing decisions in Asia, with more than 80 percent of consumers likelier to buy a product if it has been recommended by a social media influencer.

How to own your market
March 22, 2023 By

Ramping revenue and scaling operations before you have defined a unique and sustainable market position can be risky in the long term.

Impact of Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse on startup lending
March 21, 2023 By

With judicious planning and diversification of financial loyalty, companies may be less scathed when the next collapse occurs.

How upcoming labor law changes could affect retailers
March 9, 2023 By

We should expect to see more high-profile unionization efforts and continued employee activism.

Fashion’s push into jewelry ushers new era
March 7, 2023 By

The appeal of jewelry goes well beyond its simple commodity value.