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Communications in a pandemic: Why now is not the time for silence
April 6, 2020 By

Many marketers have come out describing this time of crisis as a “tightrope” for brands: those who engage with the crisis risk being seen as disingenuous, and those that continue with commercial activity risk being perceived as tactless.

With no trade shows, ramp up PR, content marketing and digital outreach
April 3, 2020 By

With most trade shows and other industry gatherings canceled at least through mid-year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, how can you keep your 2020 marketing plans relevant and thriving?

How resale, rental and flex payments can put luxury within reach – especially now
April 3, 2020 By

While luxury brands grapple with how business can rebound, they should consider a multitude of ways to democratize and knock down the barriers to entry.

Finding unexpected value in unprecedented times
April 2, 2020 By

Fear is serving as a crippling agent to some, while others choose to see possibilities.

Preparing to reignite your luxury business post-pandemic
April 2, 2020 By

Tough times bring out the best in most human beings and institutions. For luxury marketers preparing to reignite their businesses post-pandemic, it is key to stay adaptable, agile and sustainable during the next several weeks and months

CARES Act: What it means for US consumers in simple terms
April 1, 2020 By

As we are all dealing with the effects of COVID-19 on our lives, I want to share the main highlights of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act and how to protect yourself and your family.

5 content marketing tactics publishers need for 2020
March 30, 2020 By

Content discoverability is the second-most important digital transformation focus of publishers.

8 tips from CMOs to keep your business healthy in this challenging time
March 24, 2020 By

Forty-five chief marketing officers pool their wisdom to help marketers adapt to a virtual business environment and keep their brands running.

Press ahead with digital transformation as pandemic births connected customer
March 24, 2020 By

All businesses need to immediately invest in quick digital wins and leverage this situation to learn quickly versus pull back and wait.

How to inoculate your business against an economic slowdown with high-leverage marketing
March 20, 2020 By

As the COVID-19 virus spreads and causes economic disruptions and unintended consequences in almost every industry, what marketing programs could you implement with little investment, short time-to-market, and an ability to generate additional revenue?

Launching a mobile app successfully
March 13, 2020 By

Marketing a new app can be a daunting task. There are the obvious channels such as mobile banners and pay-per-install social ads, but the costs can be prohibitive.

5 tips to help you have the “money talk” with your partner
March 12, 2020 By

Discussing debt, spending habits, income – in essence, all things money-related – will go a long way toward preventing problems and arguments and unpleasant surprises in the future.

Shift in customer service can help beauty brands tackle scrum
February 25, 2020 By

As the beauty industry becomes more inclusive and expansive, upscale beauty brands are using the way they handle customer relationships and interactions as a top differentiator.

How marketers can prepare for Google ending third-party cookies on its Chrome browser
February 21, 2020 By

Whether or not industry practitioners agree with Google’s plan for cookie blocking, this is the inevitable future of marketing.

3 ways to use predictive analytics at your company
February 20, 2020 By

Marketers primed for growth in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace are using predictive analytics to gain a deep understanding of the customer base to maximize revenue, efficacy of marketing budgets and, of course, profits.

Marketers should look beyond just data
January 24, 2020 By

The initial delight around a curated advertising experience has been met with recent blowback around data privacy.

3 things that brands must expect from their marketing and agency partner
December 27, 2019 By

By seeking those agencies that have similar makeups to those of consumers, brands can ensure their efforts are aligned with the market they are targeting.

Delivering experience as retail convenience becomes an expectation
December 23, 2019 By

The demand for convenience is changing the behavioral patterns of consumers. What should brands and retailers do?

How to keep cash flow stable when customer orders are few and far between
December 12, 2019 By

How do you stay in good financial health when your vendors are enormous companies that do everything slowly – including buy your products and pay the bills?

Forrester Research: 2020 marketing trends
December 6, 2019 By

The CMO must establish control that extends beyond marketing, because you simply cannot build, express, sell, communicate, connect or service today’s brands without continuity in the budget or authority.

Amazon Prime Day: Friend or foe of Amazon’s biggest competitors?
October 17, 2019 By

In just five years’ time, Amazon has solidified its Prime Day holiday as a mammoth shopping event, and its impact is felt across every corner of the retail sector. Indeed, it has caused a midsummer disruption in today’s retail ecosystem.