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4 trends in beauty from Cosmoprof 2019
August 21, 2019 By

LAS VEGAS, NV – Cosmoprof North America (CPNA), the largest business-to-business beauty exhibition in the Americas, hosted its 17th edition July 28-30 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Understanding the world of international payments
August 20, 2019 By

Credit card, direct deposit, check, cash, e-pay – making domestic payments is a breeze these days, with enough flexibility to offer optimization based on your vendor’s payment preferences.

What struggling fashion houses can learn from DTC brands
August 19, 2019 By

Behaving like a direct-to-consumer brands can effectively engage audiences, build trust and personalize the customer experience.

What is your favorite brand?
August 16, 2019 By

Recently I had a leisurely lunch with friend who, like me, focuses on luxury, affluence and wealth.

Amazon has “destroyed the retail industry”: True or false?
August 14, 2019 By

For luxury marketers sitting on the fence whether to sell their products on Amazon, here is a sobering take on the platform’s impact on retail.

Key branding lessons from the top 4 ecommerce giants
August 14, 2019 By

Together, they brought in total revenues of more than $275 billion in 2018. They are successful businesses and successful brands.

Luxury hotels cater to China’s solo female travelers
August 13, 2019 By

From delectable cuisine to social mixers, luxury hotels in the region are changing up their offerings to appeal to the growing number of Chinese women who travel solo.

Most influential logos of all time – and what you can learn from them
August 9, 2019 By

Logo design and the company’s overall visual design have become more challenging as the marketplace has expanded and communication amplified globally.

Indians splurging more on luxury domestically
August 8, 2019 By

Per a recent report, more than 300 international brands are planning to open stores in India by 2020, which is a clear indication of the strong belief in the Indian luxury market’s potential.

12 luxury myths destroying your business
August 7, 2019 By

Plus some realities: Many brands are luxury pretenders who wrap their messages in luxury values, but deliver mass-market experiences at high prices. Oh, and many people in luxury today have expired mindsets with expired experience for a changing world.

Must-know basics of design patent law for fashion and luxury goods
August 6, 2019 By

Design patents have both advantages and disadvantages over copyright protection. Where appropriate, they can be very powerful tools to protect a design.

AI leveling retail playing field
August 5, 2019 By

AI makes it possible to classify products on a truly industrial scale to identify value-drivers.

Trifecta hitting slow-changing luxury business: Younger gen, tech and China
August 2, 2019 By

The new luxury consumer is a generation younger, lives in China and buys via WeChat. Not surprisingly, luxury brands need to fast embrace technology to deliver growth in a changing world.

Do’s and don’ts for creating Facebook and Instagram video ads
August 1, 2019 By

Facebook and Instagram video ads are akin to street performers – they occupy a crowded, bustling space, and if they do not capture attention quickly, potential audiences are fast to move along to the next, more exciting offering.

Luxury brands can bridge ecommerce and in-store retail
July 26, 2019 By

Online experiences already impact 40 percent of luxury purchases.

5 ways for home brands to connect with luxury homeowners
July 25, 2019 By

The biggest surprise found across a new study is that the most well-known premium brands in the home furnishings and appliance space are often not the ones that rise to the top of their category.

How Prada is transforming itself for the Digital Age
July 23, 2019 By

Italian luxury brand Prada is rethinking its business strategy, embarking on a bold overhaul of its digital offering that includes brand collaborations, ecommerce partnerships and dedicated online campaigns.

Defining the right social impact platform for your brand
July 22, 2019 By

it is important to understand that there is a spectrum when it comes to selecting your brand’s social cause. Consider using these three core categories when plotting your brand’s direction.

Ownership is dead. Long live usership
July 19, 2019 By

The dominant economic model of the last 150 years is coming to a close.

Luxury brands face crisis of meaning
July 18, 2019 By

Luxury brands keep trying to up their prices by elevating their luxury value proposition, but the foundation on which they are trying to build that perception is shifting out from under them as the consumer’s idea of luxury and theirs no longer align.

Brands face difficulty keeping in-house agency energized
July 17, 2019 By

A new report from the Association of National Advertisers claims that marketers with in-house agencies find it difficult to keep their creative teams energized, while also being concerned about their ability to attract top-tier creative talent.