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5 digital innovations changing luxury’s future
July 19, 2022 By

While fashion and luxury remain as enticing as ever, technology is decoding the equations to make them approachable, transparent and inclusive.

Another Louboutin vs. Amazon referral faces off in EU court
June 9, 2022 By

The referrals seek to determine whether Amazon can be found liable for the display of advertisements and the delivery of the infringing goods offered for sale on the platform.

Looming choice: MOVID or NOVID?
May 20, 2022 By

With the worst of the pandemic behind us, everyone is struggling with what to do next – hybrid workforce, all onsite, all remote, company retreats, parties, reunions and weddings.

Embracing installment plans, incrementality and in-store sales attribution
April 21, 2022 By

Incrementality is becoming a must-have superpower for marketers to connect the dots between customers and their desired business outcomes. 

New York fashion model, creative agencies on hook for higher licensing, pay?
April 20, 2022 By

If passed, the bill imposes significant compliance requirements for all businesses in the fashion and modeling industry.

Metaverse opens new universe for brands
April 11, 2022 By

New research finds just two-in-ten consumers are interested in socializing in virtual spaces.

High evidentiary bar needed for trade dress protection
March 27, 2022 By

Trade dress – the right pressed by Cult Gaia – is a form of trademark in which the design itself functions to convey to the consuming public the source of the product.

Convergence of luxury and anti-money laundering
March 14, 2022 By

The reality is that the global wealth graph of the world’s wealthiest individuals and their networks have always had significant overlap with the global networks of individuals from a compliance risk standpoint.

Will brands incur admin, financial burdens of work-from-home trend?
February 27, 2022 By

There are several legal intricacies related to an employer’s workplace flexibility.

What luxury customers want from bricks-and-mortar retail
January 28, 2022 By

Since traffic is not guaranteed to continue, how will luxury retailers keep up the demand for customers to visit bricks-and-mortar stores?

Brands must bridge the digital-physical divide
January 25, 2022 By

As luxury goods become more ubiquitous and easier to access, consumers are turning towards unique, irreproducible experiences to fulfill a desire for the exclusive.

Time for luxury brands to open their metaverse flagship store
January 24, 2022 By

If it is just a simulation of an existing flagship store, brands and retailers will not tap the potential of the metaverse.

Tighter returns policies, packaging as storefront to define Retail 2022
January 23, 2022 By

For some brands, it is all about promoting preferred behaviors to cut down on costs.

Retail will retain pricing power in 2022
January 16, 2022 By

Consumption habits seem to be shifting from essentials back to desires.

2022: The luxury phoenix moment
January 9, 2022 By

Luxury brands have faced two years of tremendous turbulence, but the industry has come out of the crisis with more strength, resilience and agility than before.

7 trends that will make or break your client relationships
January 6, 2022 By

Customers are changing faster than retailers are adapting.

Brands herald 2022 with new tech and legal strategies
January 5, 2022 By

Because NFT value is still volatile, brands should approach with some caution, but should keep an eye on possible advantages of the new technologies.

4 critical elements to improve digital branding efforts
January 4, 2022 By

Businesses must get digital, or they may become invisible.

4 mistakes ecommerce marketers make when measuring return on ad spend
January 3, 2022 By

When it comes to measuring ad spend, there are a handful of common pitfalls that every ecommerce business must know how to navigate.

What will successful ecommerce marketing look like in 2022?
December 29, 2021 By

Ecommerce marketers are currently bracing themselves for another year of turbulence in the marketplace.

Indian consumers shifting from status signaling to self-transcendence
December 27, 2021 By

Though luxury in India is at a nascent stage, the notion of luxury is undergoing a transformation.