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4 challenges facing retailers this holiday season
October 13, 2021 By

Just take one issue: Ecommerce returns more than doubled in 2020 from 2019 and cost the industry $428 billion.

How the pandemic is reshaping luxury and consumer attitudes
October 3, 2021 By

For the first time in history, the size of global U.S. dollar millionaires exceeds 1 percent of the total world population.

Of customizers and counterfeits: How genuine customized Nike sneakers can become counterfeits
September 30, 2021 By

Authentic goods, too, can turn into counterfeits as a matter of law, depending on how extensively they are altered.

Luxury’s perception evolves as the business grows more inclusive and attainable
September 24, 2021 By

In its traditional sense, luxury suggests exclusivity and extravagance, but this concept continues to blur.

How Google’s new algorithm could kill your business
September 20, 2021 By

When you are in business, and you are looking to use your digital presence to drive customers and revenue, invisibility is not a good thing.

Typography firm’s legal woes shows problems of protecting creations without IP rights
September 19, 2021 By

Without such IP rights, companies are often in the wilderness when confronted with instances of such misappropriation.

What is the real value of NFTs for luxury brands?
September 5, 2021 By

As consumers spend an increasing portion of their time online, many consumers have become as or even more invested, both financially and emotionally, in their digital selves as they are in the physical world.

Creating the sound of luxury
August 9, 2021 By

Whether you are strategic about it or not, the music and sound associated with your environment – your brand – is telling a story.

Posting photos to Instagram without a license leads to legal woes for brand
August 1, 2021 By

The realities of determining whether a particular use is “fair” often results in murky and hard-to-predict outcomes.

Apple’s crucial IDFA change: 3 tips for strengthening brands with first-party data
June 27, 2021 By

Apple’s recent change to the ID for Advertisers (IDFA) represented a tectonic shift for the brand marketing ecosystem, which now must be laser-focused on first-party data.

The knotty relationship between luxury and CSR
June 7, 2021 By

A new social listening study provides signposts for navigating perilous paths.

How brands can win over Gen Z and millennial shoppers
May 20, 2021 By

The luxury market is rapidly changing. What used to be only for the well-monied is now a democratic idea with younger generations looking for deals, even from high-end designers.

Breaking the chain of gender inequality
May 14, 2021 By

What was once strictly the realm of gamers and experimental developers is now flourishing into a substantial wing of the fashion industry.

How brands can use data to make digital experiences more human
April 29, 2021 By

Even as countries pass increasingly strict regulations, and even as consumers become increasingly wary of what brands are doing with their data, 88 percent of marketers said collecting and storing customer data is a high or their highest priority.

How to produce effective digital content
April 28, 2021 By

As we gear up to enter the post-pandemic business recovery, it is critical for business executives to step up their digital programs.

Touchless clienteling powers an elevated store experience
April 27, 2021 By

Luxury brands ought to reimagine how they will service a luxury customer safely and still provide a curated and personalized experience once the pandemic subsides.

How to use TikTok for influencer marketing campaigns
April 20, 2021 By

The brands struggling to master marketing on TikTok generally have found social media marketing success on platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

The future of privacy with Apple’s iOS 14 updates
April 19, 2021 By

The new Apple app regulations come as consumers are becoming increasingly protective of their online presence, what data is being collected and how it is being shared and monetized.

Why luxury brand hate matters
April 15, 2021 By

Brand executives should not be in denial that their brand can also become a victim of brand hate.

In-car tech experience should match iPhone’s: Edenspiekermann CEO
April 13, 2021 By

Brand touch points are currently almost exclusively digital, making it crucial that that experience reflects the promise of the brand.

Meeting changed customer engagement expectations
April 11, 2021 By

More than half of consumers feel that brands should change the way they engage with shoppers.