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The pandemic recession demands a digital response
July 2, 2020 By

Digital transformation was never optional. But most firms treated it that way, applying digital technology in dribs and drabs – until COVID-19 shuttered economies and forever altered the patterns of life and work and commerce.

How PR can help you salvage the second half of 2020
July 2, 2020 By

This week marks the mid-way point for the year, and it is usually a time to assess your business plan and consider how you can improve in the third and fourth quarters.

What Google’s new policy on counterfeit goods listings means for luxury brands
July 1, 2020 By

Whilst far from perfect, Amazon and Facebook, when notified about a counterfeit, will at least respond and take some action – eventually. Google, prior to a recent development, would not.

How fashion brands’ new creative direction is affecting content production
June 30, 2020 By

Key insights on how to create an effective editorial plan in response to fewer marketing events and the need to master digital channels and push ecommerce.

Sohm v. Scholastic Inc. decision points to cost-effective ways to register copyrights
June 30, 2020 By

The case, Sohm v. Scholastic Inc., involved a claim by a photographer, Joseph Sohm, who created 89 photographs. Rather than register them himself, he used a service by Corbis Corp. to register the copyrights.

3 marketing must-haves to prepare for a renewed COVID-19 lockdown
June 29, 2020 By

We know it could happen. We knew that we would see the COVID-19 coronavirus cases increase as U.S. states reopened, and that is what we have seen.

Unique challenges of marketing to moms amid COVID-19
June 29, 2020 By

If marketers thought they understood the modern mother, COVID-19 should deflate that optimism.

Why businesses must act digital – before it is too late
June 23, 2020 By

Just about all business leaders understand how COVID-19 crisis has magnified the need for digital, specifically virtual interaction with customers and employees.

Legal landmines that brands may face as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted in US
June 19, 2020 By

Due to the uncertainties related to COVID-19, many employers allowed employees to work from home or offered flexible work arrangements. Have those new, temporary policies exposed brands to lawsuits?

Fraud in the Age of Coronavirus
June 19, 2020 By

The type and volume of purchases has changed and spiked in certain industries, while the demographic of those making online purchases has shifted, too.

5 laws of post-pandemic financial recovery
June 18, 2020 By

Avoid defining yourself solely by your products or services. Those criteria alone may create a limited view since certain products can become irrelevant as tough times change market demand.

Luxury retailers should leverage COVID-19 to deepen relationships with key clients while pivoting
June 16, 2020 By

COVID-19 has sowed the seeds for a potential fundamental decoupling of high-end luxury purchases from the assumed luxury experience.

Alternative options for US consultants and small brands not eligible for PPP or EIDL funding
June 12, 2020 By

While there has been a lot of attention and noise around government funding assistance, not every entrepreneur finds himself or herself in a position to take advantage of such resources.

Pandemic as pivot: How will your company emerge from COVID-19?
June 11, 2020 By

Times of crises especially reveal what kind of character people, and companies, have. The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is no exception.

Brands should incentivize consumers to go green
June 11, 2020 By

As it stands now, encouraging consumers to recycle is largely under-utilized.

Buying a brand out of bankruptcy: What are you really getting?
June 10, 2020 By

Such names as Barneys, Sonia Rykiel, Roberto Cavalli and Diesel all went through the bankruptcy process. Now, with the severe economic impact of COVID-19, it seems likely that bankruptcy filings in the luxury and fashion world will only increase.

Maintaining a high-touch experience in the new normal
June 10, 2020 By

A troika of disruptions – the global COVID-19 pandemic, racial tensions in the United States and environmental changes threatening to reshape markets – has created a new normal. This, understandably, has changed the mindset and buying patterns of many.

Will sustainability thrive in the midst of the COVID-19 coronavirus?
June 9, 2020 By

Will a focus on cleanliness and social distancing alter the way retailers and shoppers think about sustainability?

How and why I am launching my luxury footwear brand
June 8, 2020 By

A young veteran of Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Valentino and A. Testoni has decided to give entrepreneurship a go. Jennifer Stucko is founder/CEO of Prota Fiori, a women’s luxury footwear brand created on the ethos of sustainability, fully sourced and made in Italy.

3 steps brands can take to boost bottom line by creating behavior change
June 5, 2020 By

As the United States, Europe and other parts of the world reopen after months of shelter-in-place, we are seeing just how difficult it is to convince consumers to change long-established behaviors – or adapt to new ones, such as wearing masks or keeping physical distance.

Remote storytelling: Real-time persuasion in a virtual setting
June 5, 2020 By

Stories can be up to 22 times more memorable than facts alone, allowing your message to resonate with decision-makers on both intellectual and emotional levels, giving you an edge in your argument.