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Marketers should look beyond just data
January 24, 2020 By

The initial delight around a curated advertising experience has been met with recent blowback around data privacy.

Delivering experience as retail convenience becomes an expectation
December 23, 2019 By

The demand for convenience is changing the behavioral patterns of consumers. What should brands and retailers do?

How to keep cash flow stable when customer orders are few and far between
December 12, 2019 By

How do you stay in good financial health when your vendors are enormous companies that do everything slowly – including buy your products and pay the bills?

Forrester Research: 2020 marketing trends
December 6, 2019 By

The CMO must establish control that extends beyond marketing, because you simply cannot build, express, sell, communicate, connect or service today’s brands without continuity in the budget or authority.

Amazon Prime Day: Friend or foe of Amazon’s biggest competitors?
October 17, 2019 By

In just five years’ time, Amazon has solidified its Prime Day holiday as a mammoth shopping event, and its impact is felt across every corner of the retail sector. Indeed, it has caused a midsummer disruption in today’s retail ecosystem.

How the evolution of Fashion Week has affected photographers
October 16, 2019 By

With social media controlling the narrative and creative direction, capturing experimental setups and shows are presenting a challenge for fashion photographers.

Revenue operations and the CMO: Game changer or game over?
October 7, 2019 By

It is a shame to let fear prevent progress, so I would like to set the record straight on a key trend that is causing concern: the rise of revenue operations and what this means for CMOs.

How innovative beauty brands attract Gen Z consumers
October 3, 2019 By

There is a growing backlash, often starting with bloggers and influencers, against the amount of waste that comes with the packaging and shipping of products, or in the case of cosmetics, it is often the products themselves.

4 trends turning the streaming business on its ear
October 2, 2019 By

After a decade of steady growth, the future of major streaming players such as Netflix and Hulu is suddenly in question, and the uncertainty has left experts pondering a litany of questions.

Rebranding can revive your business
September 30, 2019 By

Some businesses fail to make conscious, intentional choices about their branding and live to regret it later. Others make intentional branding choices, but over time, for one reason or another, those choices no longer serve the business well.

Personalization can work between retail merchandisers and vendor brands
September 25, 2019 By

Vendor brands of all types resist requests from merchandisers to use personalization or automate messaging, taking visibility and control out of their hands.

Green is the new black: Backing the Fashion Pact
September 24, 2019 By

The fashion industry produces around 80 billion items of clothing a year – an average of 10 items per person – and the entire supply and distribution chain has a huge environmental impact.

4 trends turning the streaming business on its ear
September 20, 2019 By

After a decade of steady growth, the future of major streaming players such as Netflix and Hulu is suddenly in question, and the uncertainty has left experts pondering a litany of questions.

Apple: The first hope-based company
September 12, 2019 By

The end of consumer habit and consumer loyalty is near. But there is one constant that will emerge in the next decade to dominate consumer choices.

Case study: How Men’s Wearhouse turns to mobile location data to drive in-store sales
September 10, 2019 By

The legacy men’s brand is making smarter decisions about where to open stores, and remain competitive in a challenging retail market.

Revlon’s cautionary tale: The changing nature of influencer marketing
August 23, 2019 By

Cosmetics giant Revlon is exploring the sale of all or some of its business amid lackluster sales and a crushing debt of $3 billion.

Understanding the world of international payments
August 20, 2019 By

Credit card, direct deposit, check, cash, e-pay – making domestic payments is a breeze these days, with enough flexibility to offer optimization based on your vendor’s payment preferences.

What struggling fashion houses can learn from DTC brands
August 19, 2019 By

Behaving like a direct-to-consumer brands can effectively engage audiences, build trust and personalize the customer experience.

What is your favorite brand?
August 16, 2019 By

Recently I had a leisurely lunch with friend who, like me, focuses on luxury, affluence and wealth.

Simone Gibertoni on Clinique La Prairie: “We want to be part of a customer’s life journey”
August 15, 2019 By

In an exclusive interview, Clinique La Prairie chief executive Simone Gibertoni talks through his long-term vision and expansion plans for the award-winning medical spa and on why luxury experiences in the health and wellness industry are booming.

Amazon has “destroyed the retail industry”: True or false?
August 14, 2019 By

For luxury marketers sitting on the fence whether to sell their products on Amazon, here is a sobering take on the platform’s impact on retail.