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Why you are hearing from American Marketer

July 2, 2019

American Marketer: Shining light on marketing best-practice and strategy. Image credit: Customer Experience Group American Marketer: Shining light on marketing best practice and strategy. Image credit: Customer Experience Group


When Napean LLC sold the Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily publications in 2017, it retained the legal right to use the email lists for those two brands’ businesses it did not sell, namely, conferences, webinars, awards and podcasts. Those four lines of business are now rolled into American Marketer, and the email lists will be used to inform you of our events, webinars, awards and podcasts.

If you will recollect, we used to produce conferences under brands such as Mobile FirstLook, Mcommerce Summit, Mobile Marketing Summit and Mobile Women to Watch Summit, as well as awards such as the Mobile Marketer Awards and the Mobile Commerce Awards. All those conferences and awards have been rebranded under the American Marketer name, some retaining their names such as FirstLook and the Mcommerce Summit.

With the rebranding, our goal is to seed you with actionable ideas and insights in marketing via quality, highly topical executive summits and conferences, webinars and awards throughout the year. The first conference coming up Sept. 25 is AMCX: Customer Experience, followed by FirstLook 2020: Outlook for Marketers on Jan. 15.

Of course, we would like to maintain a relationship with you via email – respecting your time and inbox space – and encourage you to register for our conferences and free webinars. But we totally understand if you prefer not to hear from us via email, so please feel free to click at the bottom of the newsletter to unsubscribe from the American Marketer newsletter.

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